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What is Dealspotr?

A great deal search experience requires two things: coverage and accuracy. Coverage means we’ll have deals and coupons for any store or product you might search for. Accuracy means those deals have been checked and verified and we have high confidence that they work as described. Dealspotr is the only coupon app in the world that leveragescrowdsourcing at scale to create a real-time database of deals with high precision for over 60,000 entities. This means our 30,000 community members add over 10,000 deals and make over 100,000 edits each day to ensure we have the industry’s largest and most accurate database of coupons (see our 2016 coupon accuracy study to learn why). On Dealspotr, you just search, and, if one exists, you’ll find a deal for what you’re looking for.

At Dealspotr, we recognize that our best results will come we can can align the our interests with the interests of the constituencies we serve – our shoppers, our brands, and our influencers. Therefore, with every feature we build we begin by first considering how we can involve our community to make that feature successful, and how we can reward them for doing so. On Dealspotr, you earn rewards and income for making our site better, and growing our community. This is why Dealspotr feels so collaborative, because everyone here has a stake in our success.

If you’re an influencer, we know that networking is your lifeblood. Collaborations, cross-promotions, brands connections, and getting to know other influencers in your niche – these are all essential to growing your presence as an influencer. With Dealspotr, we’re creating an open, social platform for influencers to promote themselves, meet each other, and connect with brands. It’s free, and open to all to simply login and use.


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